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Location of Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle Development (Casino Congress)

Location of Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle Development (Casino Congress)

In my last post I’ve reported from my visit of the Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle Development. In my workshop at the symposium I asked the participants about

  1. the problems that are solved by MBSE.
  2. what must be done/what we need to introduce MBSE in the organization.
  3. the opportunities of MBSE.

We had very interesting discussions about the three points. I’d like to proceed the discussion here in the blog and hope that I’ll get some input from you!

Here are some good starting points from the workshop session in Graz:

Project Problems that are solved by MBSE

  • Intransparency
  • No system thinking
  • Hard to manage complexity
  • Abstraction muddle
  • No traceability
  • Inconsistencies
  • Redundancies

What must be done/what we need to introduce MBSE in the organization

  • MBSE training of the engineers
  • MBSE as a profession
  • Views for discipline-specific engineers, e.g. mechanical engineers
  • Change of organizational structures
  • Interdisciplinary processes
  • Templates and Pattern
  • Configuration management of models
  • Commercial model libraries
  • Iterative introduction of MBSE

opportunities of MBSE

  • Information management of expert knowledge
  • Integration of suppliers
  • Integration of other engineering methods (FMEA, FTA, …)
  • Reusability
  • Traceability
  • Automated tests
  • Reduced costs, higher quality, decreased time-to-marked

Now it’s your turn! I and the MBSE community appreciate your opion!


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  • Pin Chen

    18. July 2012at06:08

    MBSE faces same challenges as other relevant engineering practices or approaches, such as Sys Eng, SoSE and architectural approaches, in particular in aspects like increasing complexity and SoS challenges.

    One of critical challenges to be addressed by these practices and approaches for their success is handling and management of complexity. To do so, we must understand what complexities we are facing and how we can manage them.

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