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It is time for the next generation of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). More than 10 years ago the Object Management Group (OMG) published SysML version 1.0 to provide a simple but powerful modeling language for a wide range of systems engineering problems.

We have learned a lot from many industrial applications of SysML. That includes the benefits as well as the limits of SysML. Additionally, model-based systems engineering is getting more and more popular and leads to more requirements for a systems engineering modeling language.

In December 2017 the OMG published the Request for Proposal for SysML v2 with a long list of requirements for the new version of SysML. Since then submission teams work on the definition of SysML v2.

The deadline to submit the SysML v2 for adoption to the OMG is September 2019. If the OMG adopt it, a finalization task force will fine tune the submission before SysML v2 will be published as an official new standard. So, it is still a long way to go, and it is also possible that a deadline on the way will be extended.

In June 2018 the OMG published another RFP – the SysML API & Services RFP. That RFP defines the requirements for a standardized interface to access SysML models independent of the modeling tool. That is a groundbreaking standard supplementing SysML v2.

This blog post series gives an overview of the SysML v2 and the SysML API & Services RFPs. Following this part #0 I have planned so far:

  • NextGenSysML Part 1 – Overview SysML v2 and SysML API & Services RFP’s
  • NextGenSysML Part 2 – General OMG Requirments
  • NextGenSysML Part 3 – Language Architecture and Formalism Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 4 – Cross-cutting Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 5 – Properties, Values & Expressions Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 6 – Structure Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 7 – Interface Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 8 – Behavior Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 9 – Requirements Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 10 – Verification Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 11 – Analysis Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 12 – Example model and Conformance Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 13 – API & Services: Architecture Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 14 – API & Services: Conformance Requirements
  • NextGenSysML Part 14 – API & Services: Service Requirements


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  • Chowa Choo

    31. December 2018at17:48

    Thank your for taking the initiative to publish such a large series of article to shed more light on SysML v2.
    Looking forward to reading your posts,
    New Year Greetings!

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