SYSMOD – Pragmatic MBSE with SysML

MBSE Methodology

Pragmatic MBSE
with SysML

SYSMOD is a MBSE toolbox for pragmatic modeling of systems. It is well-suited to be used with SysML. The toolbox provides a set of methods with roles and outputs. Concrete guidances and examples show how to apply the methods with SysML.

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Methodologies, Languages, and Tools

SYSMOD is a general-purpose methodology that works well with the modeling language SysML. It is a good starting point. Based on your specific purpose, you should derive your own customized SYSMOD-based methodology (purpose-driven methodology). SysML model elements, including stereotypes and the modeling tool, including customization, are derived from that methodology (query-driven modeling).

The World of SYSMOD

SYSMOD Domain Objects

The Domain Knowledge Model depicts the structure of SYSMOD with the main concepts and their relationships.


Roles describe the competency profiles for the persons who perform the methods and are responsible for the products.


Methods are a collection of tasks to create significant artifacts for the systems development.


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Processes provide a basically reasonable logical sequence of how the methods can be executed.